Sunday, April 18, 2010

How New York Is A Lot Like North Dakota

The Boy and I recently ventured up to his homeland in North Dakota for a funeral. I think a lot of the people there believe our life and lifestyle are foreign and strange. But I'm here to tell you that there are actually a lot of similarities.

First of all, there are chickens. Well, roosters anyway. In a garden park in the East Village, two roosters are happily living their life, albeit crowing in the middle of the afternoon. Word is still out on whether they are a couple.

There are also horses. In Central Park. Just like the farm.

Then of course there is countrified food - chicken fried steak at Blue Smoke, grits at Hundred Acres. But the real magic is happening in my own kitchen. Biscuits. Cinnamon Rolls. And bread. Not to mention the pickled eggs, a tasty snack any time of the day.

So, yes, there's Broadway and the Statue of Liberty and lots of people and all that. But really New York isn't all that different. Investment bankers count as animals don't they?

Photo by me.

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