Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Sisterhood of the Traveling . . . sister

I am elated to have my baby sister visiting. It will make Thanksgiving even more thankful.

Saturday Night Fever

The Boy and I partied like real New Yorkers on Saturday night, as guests of The Lovely Miss M's birthday party at The Delancey on the Lower East Side. The Lovely Miss M celebrated a quarter of a century, while The Boy whooped it up for two score. It was great to see everyone dressed up, and awesome to go to a real New York party at a night club. Fast Fingers Yang kicked it off with Patron shots for everyone. The Boy sewed up the evening by finagling my coat from coat check after he misplaced the ticket during the night. His fast thinking ensured I was warm for the cab ride home!


Seen on the Subway: Man wearing surgical gloves. Why? Is he a germophobe? A surgeon in a hurry? A serial killer? If you got set up on a blind date and the guy showed up wearing surgical gloves, would that be a dealbreaker?

Spotted on the Upper East Side

New York's financial elite - including Diva D, the West Side Beauty, the Little Nolita Lady, Fast Fingers Yang, the Lovely Miss M, the Dashing Duo and the Debonaire Daddy - slinking to the home of The Boy and his Texas Lady for a night of Fashion and Gossip. The Lady Lawhorn made a special appearance as well.