Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Love Letter to (The) Tony Castles

I've seen and documented (The) Tony Castles several times, and have watched them evolve over the past few months from a band I enjoyed watching and listening to, to one that has created some of the most blissful music I've heard this year.

The talented trio recently played Bowery Ballroom, which I unfortunately had to miss. Someone captured this video of this new song, "Korea."  I thought they had reached the heights of my love with "Black Girls in Dresses" but "Korea" is transcendent.  Wistful and ardent, the guys have never looked or played better. 

Check it out.

They're playing Jan. 20 at Glasslands in Brooklyn.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Bluejay and Delicate Steve Played Brooklyn Bowl Dec. 13

Checked out my first show at Brooklyn Bowl last week. A bit of a haul from the subway in the snow and frigid air, but The Boy, The Bone Collector, the Future Texan and I slogged through, and it was more than worth it. The place is huge, sells homemade pork cracklin's and has a decent craft beer selection. And then there were the bands.

Bluejay was first up and includes Young B on guitar. He is the quintessential designer by day, rock star by night. He works at The Boy's office, so we had to make the trip out there to represent.

They kept the crowd lively with their toe-tappin tunes, and Young B showed an effervescence not often seen at the office.

Following their set was Delicate Steve, masterminded by, um Steve, but played with considerable abandon by a band of five. While Steve may be the mastermind, the drummer is doubtless a conspirator in this music democracy, and he exhibited the most agile, physical and amazing drumming I've seen up close. He had the audience mesmerized. As befits such a democracy, the drummer was at the front of the stage, equal with the rest of the band and better for viewing his considerable skills. And while the rest of the band exuded a practiced cool, the drummer gave off a whiff of band nerd, quickly dispelled when he picked up his sticks. Awesome. Check out the pics.

All photos by Shanda Boyett. Copyright 2010.