Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Parking Ticket Update

Remember that unjust parking ticket I got a while back? (see "The Injustice" from March.)

Well I challenged it online, taking advantage of a program that allows a judge to review a statement that you type up.

A few days ago I got a letter in the mail stating that they had received my challenge and they wanted to offer me two options:

  • I could go ahead and pay it, and they would knock off $20 bucks (um . . . thanks a lot)
  • Or I could do nothing and it would proceed to a judge for review

I chose to do nothing. I figure it's a long shot that it will get dismissed, but it's a chance I'm willing to take, and it's worth an extra $20 bucks to have my voice HEARD!

Memorial Weekend Madness

I had a fun-packed Memorial Day Weekend. The Boy was out of town, so I kicked it off by going out with The West Side Beauty and The Little Nolita Lady.

We started out trekking down to the end of the island to Battery Park Gardens bar/restaurant for a hurried and hot cocktail on the veranda. (Just as soon as we sat down, they began shooing us out to make room for their dinner reservations.)

We left there for the coup d'etat. Dinner at The Waverly Inn. You know the Waverly Inn - it's tres exclusive with no published phone number. Only A-listers apparently have the phone number intel. The only other way to get a table is to go there in person to make your reservation. So The Little Nolita Lady did, and so we did.

It's a great little spot - very old-world European, with murals on the walls and atrium seeting in the back. Food was just so-so, but we developed a riotous rapport with the waitstaff, and fueled by a few cocktails and a bottle of wine- we had a great time!

Our next stop was Diablo something in the Village for margaritas. We talked a little, drank a little. Then it was time to go. Thank goodness for public transportation!

I got home safe and sound about 1 am, and spent all day Saturday paying for my transgressions.

Later, it was off to dinner at Varietal with some H-town friends. The fixed-price ($39), 3-course meal was divine! Service was also excellent. Probably my best meal yet.

By Sunday I was my old (very old) self again and drove into the city by myself for a little run in the park, a little paint shopping for the apt and a little brunch at a place nearby called The Island. I tucked into some eggs and bacon and my New York Times and enjoyed the wafting breeze through their open doors.

I wished The Boy was with me to enjoy. Thankfully, I was picking him up at the airport later that night, and we were able to celebrate Memorial Day together picnicking with friends in Central Park.

Apartment Update

New walls should be up today. The existing walls and trim should be finished next week, and the floors the week after that. We're just able to measure for the kitchen cabinets later this week, so that will take a little longer to complete.

I'm planning to move in at the end of June, but our stuff probably won't follow until July. Ugh.

H-Town Visit Highlights

Went home a few weeks ago to celebrate Brooke's graduation from law school. Here are the highlights.

5. Seeing family and friends.
4. Mexican food and margaritas at El Tiempo.
3. Walking around Rice University with Courtney.
2. Introducing Stacey to my loud family.
1. Witnessing this interaction at the West Alabama Ice House:

Brooke (to hot guy): I graduated from law school today. What did you do?

Hot Guy: I graduated from medical school.


(But he did call her after.)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hope Lives!

After months of waiting, biting our nails and cursing the system, the apartment renovation is finally under way with a vengeance! Walls have come down, and new ones are starting to take shape. Even the offending pole that we found inside the wall of what is to become our new kitchen doorway has been deemed safe to remove.

The move in date of mid to late June is looking more and more feasible all the time. We might just make it in before next Christmas after all.

Tribeca Film Festival Ups and Downs

After a positive first outing at the Tribeca Film Festival, we were pleasantly surprised when Live! turned out to be deliciously provocative. So, with high expecations, we walked into the screening of Taxidermia.

Well, all I can tell you is that the scene where he shoots a three-foot stream of fire from his penis was the high point. From there, the movie explored masturbation, competitive eating and vomiting (lots of vomiting), and auto-taxidermia and suicide. I don't know why we stayed to watch the whole movie. I think we were in shock. When we left, we felt assaulted. And though I had initially impressed Daryl with my movie choices, he once again judged me a bad movie picker - Taxidermia being so bad, that it completely overshadowed the two earlier picks.

Heard on the Street in East Village

From one man to another, "Hey man, Jesus loves you, even if you do have a small prick."

Friday, May 04, 2007


The Board finally approved our renovation request. Yea! Now, barring any issues with our contractor, who has been patiently twiddling his thumbs waiting for the OK to get moving, we should start the demo on Monday. (audible sigh of relief)