Monday, October 30, 2006

House Hunters

OK. I've calmed down a bit from the last post. I was just sitting there the other morning and it hit me: i've really changed my life!

Not only did we sell our house, which we loved, but we are in the process of purchasing an apartment in Manhattan. After a few weeks of house hunting, we have finally come to terms with moving from 2400 square feet down to 800.

We used the requisite brain washing techniques on each other:
  • We only use a small portion of the house anyway
  • We needed to simplify and streamline
  • I like the 'minimalist' point of view

Indeed we've begun to exclaim with joy when we encounter a closet that will hold more than two weeks of clothes for both of us! We chatter excitedly when the bathroom is large enough for a linen closet. If more than two people can fit in the kitchen, it is truly a reason to celebrate!

Once this new way of looking at the world was complete, we put an offer on a place we think will be the perfect home to transition to. It has:

  • lots of windows so it seems larger
  • a foyer so it seems larger
  • an eat in kitchen so it seems larger

Interesting side notes: In Houston, the other agent doesn't have to be present to view a place for sale. In Manhattan, the other agent must be present, so it makes scheduling a bit tricky. And, the realtors don't seem to work on Saturdays. Most showings are done Monday - Friday. And, a lot of realtors take Friday off too. Inspections aren't a required part of the buying process. In most cases, it's what you see is what you get.

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