Friday, January 19, 2007

Judgement Day

The day arrived without fanfare. The day that The Question would finally be answered. The day we had been waiting for for a month: would we or would we not be accepted into our co-op?

We had been told to:
  • Dress like we were going to an interview
  • Answer any questions about renovation vaguely (in case someone on the board lived next to us and didn't want to suffer through the renovation noise)
  • Prepare answers for why we had come to New York, why we chose the neighborhood, etc.
  • Be our wonderful selves
  • Ensure we weren't late!

The meeting was at 6:30 in the apartment of one of the board members. To ensure we weren't late, I met The Boy near his office at about 5:20. We arrived at the station near our new home at about 5:35. We had some time to kill, obviously. Even during rush hour traffic, we had made good time!

So we headed to a near Starbucks and reviewed our financials over a couple of mocha's.

At a little after 6 pm, we started walking up to our building. We hung out in the lobby until 6:28.

The Boy called up 11F and they buzzed us in. We were greeted and shown inside to an apartment on the same line as ours, so identical in every way except this one had been renovated. And it wasn't purple inside.

We were introduced to everyone and sat down, waiting for the interrogation to begin.

"Why did you move here?"

They asked the question I was supposed to answer while I was in the bathroom, but The Boy did an admirable job. It worked out for me, though, because some additional board members arrived and I had to answer the question 2 more times before we were done.

"What kind of work do you do?"

"Why did you choose this neighborhood/building?"

"Are you planning to renovate?"

We decided to be a little more open about this question because we are, in fact, planning to practically gut the place. But they seemed really open to it, and our host even showed us the updates she had made to her place.

They asked us if we had questions. We asked a few and that was about it. Meeting over. The management company would let us know the next day.

And so we were judged. Were we found worthy? We were. We close next week. Yea!


- Shannon Caldwell said...

YEAH! What great news. I am so excited for you both! Congrats on the new place.

Anonymous said...

Awesome news Shanda! So happy for you! (This is Susan by the way) :-)