Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The First Step is Admitting You Have A Problem

Salt is great on food, but it does terrible things to leather shoes. So the Chef and i took The Boy to the mall on a mission to buy him some long-needed winter boots and a new pair of brown shoes. He has been ruining his dress shoes traipsing through the snow and sleet. The Boy needs some new footwear.The Fashion Mister was working, but The Chef was an adequate stand-in for The Boy's 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' weekend.

While at the mall, though, I realized I'm the one with the problem. I always knew i loved women's shoes. But hold the phone! I like really nice, very expensive men's shoes too! The Boy put on some Gucci's that were shit-howdy! I was in love again! And The Boy looked nice too.

We got the Gucci's, but couldn't find a passable pair of winter boots, so we changed focus. The Boy was in a trying on clothes kind of mood, so we shuffled him off to the denim dept and made him try on pair after pair of overpriced blue jeans and tightly tailored button down shirts. He walked out with a sexy pair of Seven for All Mankind jeans, a dark blue Hugo Boss button down that brings out his eyes, and some Burberry underwear. He was magically babalicious! So what if we didn't actually leave the store with the item he needed most!

Thankfully, The Fashion Mister has agreed to acquire The Boy some 'rubbers' to go over his dress shoes. Ha ha. Had a good laugh over that.

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Shannon said...

Hilarious! This is like my long awaited trip to Century 21. I walked out with NOTHING (completely overwhelmed by it all) and Jay ended up with 3 or 4 designer shirts and accessories. See you in a few weeks!