Monday, June 18, 2007

The New York-Mobile Phase 1

Since we are about to officially move into the city, and since both the inspection and registration on my car are expired, I've begun the process of trying to register my car in the state of New York.

Sounds easy, right? Well, it's about as easy as catching a greased pig. Perhaps it's because they don't do that much here in The Big Apple that this process is sooo convoluted.

In order to register the car, I first have to have a New York driver's license. Easy enough, as long as you have an out-of-state drivers license with an issue date on it AND a copy of your social security card. And I have neither.

So, the first thing I had to do to prove my drivers license issue date was to order a copy of my driving record.


Second, since I haven't had a copy of my Social Security Card for years, I had to get a replacement. Thankfully, since I have a valid passport, this wasn't too difficult. But I had to take time off work to schlep up to the Social Security office in Spanish Harlem. Oh what a joyful time I had waiting in line with my fellow Americans for the doors to the office to open! One of them felt the need to share what I think was a diatribe about US immigration policy at the top of her lungs for about 10 minutes.

But after I got inside, I only had to wait a very short while. I already had my paperwork filled out (I thought! At the last minute I looked over the form and realized I needed my Mom and Dad's social security numbers. Fortunately Dad was home and was able to give me that info before they called my name.) and when my number came up, I was ready to go.

A great little guy helped me out and I was out of there in a snap. AND the card came in the mail just one week later.

Phase 1 complete.

This week, I'll make the trek to the DMV to get my new license. Hopefully they don't have too many greased pigs there. Wish me luck . . .


Rodrigo said...

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rembret said...

Almost 60 days since the last post, but who's counting... ;-}