Wednesday, September 22, 2010

(The) Tony Castles Played Union Pool for Record Release Party, with Regal Degal and Safe

Just two days after releasing the video for the haunting “Black Girls in Dresses,” (The) Tony Castles - Paul Sicilian (vocals and

bass) Willie Miesmer (guitar and keyboards) and Gabriel Wurzel (drums) celebrated the release of their new EP, “No Service,” with a show at Union Pool.
Regal Degal and Safe opened.
With a giant Zync from American Express card poster defamed with “TONY” in giant red letters hanging behind them, the trio kicked off an amazing set that included “No Service” and “Dream Job”. A guest guitarist provided some punch to “Adequate Sheen,” and the vocalist from Safe provided backup for “Black Girls in Dresses.”
Despite a few technical snags that had Willie crawling around on the floor mid-set, the trio produced a solid and exuberant show that pleased the crowd packed into Union Pool. And there wasn’t a lot of emotional dwelling on the release of the new EP. The guys were there to play and celebrate with friends, and if someone bought the record that was great, too.
Willie summed it up, “Our goddamn record is in the back of the place and you should buy it if that is what you want to do.”
You can order the EPand watch the “Black Girls in Dresses” video at

Photos by me.

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Thanks 'Hick'. This is what Rolling Stone used to be...