Friday, October 08, 2010

Best Coast Played Music Hall of Williamsburg

I can't help it. I love the lo-fi surfer sound of Best Coast and their bitchy lead singer Bethany Cosantino who is my BFF on twitter. Most of the songs sound the same, but "Boyfriend", "Crazy for You", and "Honey" have stolen my heart. 

Plus, i was super-impressed during the show. Bethany is actually very talented. Great voice. Sound was great. She has a chick drummer - I always love that - and bassist is so fucking sexy in the most hair band, nerd way. I mean, he is like the male version of Botticelli's Birth of Venus. Kind of. It's the hair.

Anyyyywayyyy, I loved the show, and like the band even better after seeing them live. (Unlike the Village Voice, which totally hated on Bethany for no good reason.)

Check out my pics, and how much the bass player looks like a chunky male Venus.

Concert photos by Shanda Boyett.  Copyright 2010.

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