Monday, February 19, 2007

The Year Of the Pig

Happy Chinese New Year! We celebrated in big style with a gaggle of Food Network foodies at the Golden Unicorn in Chinatown.

About 40 sat down in tables of 9 or 10 to ring in the Year of the Pig with 7 or so courses including soup, lobster, chicken, pork, rice and noodles. Each had a symbolic relationship to the pig and the New Year.

We had two pigs at our table, a couple of roosters, sheep, monkey, dragon, etc. Not surprisingly given that wild kingdom variety, we escalated into the rowdiest zoorama ever. With two lawyers, an actor, 2 marketers, an architect and a fashion buyer in tow, the conversation moved from 'What's your passion," to 'When did you lose your virginity" and everything in between. The jokes and the wine flowed freely.

Afterwards, the boy and I annoyed our friends by running and sliding on the ice in our shoes. The sheep and the rooster CAN live in harmony. : )

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