Thursday, November 30, 2006

An Arm and a Leg

We got the word yesterday that our board package has been submitted to the co-op board. Now we wait 4-6 weeks for it to be processed and reviewed before we are called for an interview. Then we wait to see if we are 'accepted.' Here is what we had to provide in our board package:
  • A copy of the executed contract of sale of our house in Houston
  • A certified financial statement with supporting schedule, including bank account statements, 401K statements, stock portfolio overviews, etc.
  • Employer's reference letter stating lenght of employment and annual salary
  • Bank commitment
  • Disclosure Statement
  • AZTECH Form Recognition Agreement
  • Bank reference letters for savings and checking accounts, stating type of account and amount on deposit
  • Three personal reference letters
  • Three business reference letters
  • Present landlord or managing agent reference letter
  • Most recent 1040 tax form
  • Lead based paing disclosure form
  • An application fee of $500
  • A vial of blood (just kidding!)

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