Friday, November 10, 2006

You Old Bag

Those of you who have known me for a long time know of my fascination with purses. After my grandmother died a few years ago, I became enamored of purses (a great pleasure of hers), and changing them daily to match my outfits. Now while I sometimes dreamed of Louis Vuitton, my purse collection didn't necessarily have to be comprised of (nor did it in reality include) tres expensive designer bags. Instead, my focus was on unique and hip handbags, of the smallest size possible. In fact, a small purse was a source of pride. No stereotypical bottomless purses containing everything, including the kitchen sink, for me.

Well, folks, those days are gone!

Today my purse in more akin to a diaper bag. My new commute necessitates that I carry something that:
  • is large enough for a spare umbrella
  • can accommodate a pair of shoes
  • can fit a couple of reading material options
  • is waterproof

Alas, while I still try to match my massive bags with each outfit, 'fashion', I'm sad to say, has been replaced by boring practicality.

Where has my feminity gone? Bad shoes, lame bags, headgear. Is New York City, the fashion capital of the universe, going to kill my fashion sense? Will i become the bag lady whose bag is --literally -- a large, black trash bag, simply because it meets the above requirements? Where will it end?

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rembret said...

Hey "hick-chick" - don't lose your fashion sense! You're just getting your NYC bearings. Soon enough all the details will pass and you will be wowing them. Thanks for the post. I will be checking in regularly.